It always helps to listen to others in the industry.  We've been in the limo business for several years..

Depending on your needs, we will  guide you in the best direction for success.  In most cases our consulting is free.  For larger projects we can layout a plan for you.  Projects such as these will vary in pricing.  Please call for details.

we look forward to meeting you


We carry al large variety of product  available to our customers.  If you are in need of something for your ride, don't hesitate to ask.

- LED Lights

- LED Controllers

- Fiber Optics & Neon

- AC Compressors

- Stereo Equipment and wire

- Custom Plexi and Wood

- Graphics and Vinyl


We have several resources when in comes financing specialty equipment.  With a decent credit score, we can get you approved.  PERIOD! 

To get started, click here to see our rates and termsASK ABOUT OUT STARTER PROGRAM.  $99 PER MONTH FOR FIRST 6 MONTHS. UP-TO 100K IN FINANCING.


buyout or trade

Need to get out fast?  We can help.  Depending on the condition of the vehicle your are looking to sell and sale price, we will provide you with a buyout option. You must be the sole owner of the vehicle and the title must be lien free. 

Be prepared.  We are in the business of repair and sale.  Which means we are not interested in paying full retail value.  Call for details. 

repair and rehab

It's not easy finding someone experienced enough to  deal with the everyday wear and tear of a limousine.  We have several years under our belts and we truly love what we do.  Sometimes one simple phone call can get you on the right path into making the best decision for your ride.  We handle all sorts of repairs and or upgrades.  We will provide you with afree estimate and/or evaluation  of the work you are looking to get done.

limo listings

Selling a limo is not as easy as 1,2,3.  It takes time, effort and expertise.  Proper listings, photos and what your vehicle is actually worth are all things to consider if you truly want to sell your vehicle.  We can help you with all of the above. 

Depending on what your needs and or expectations are, please contact us for a free evaluation.  Pricing will vary depending on your required package.


On a case by case scenario, we will absorb the cost to get your vehicle in perfect working order and ready for the market.  This includes all the fees required into making the listing successful.  For some, this is not an east task. 

We will require up-to-date photos and a detailed list of any concerns about the vehicle.  All consigned vehicles must remain on our premises at no extra cost.  Call for details.


We are  Executive Custom Coach builders leading in the industry of Limousine and Mercedes Sprinter Van Conversions.  Our Custom Shop  is located in VILLA PARK, IL, approximately 35 minutes west of Chicago.  Our Specialty has been  providing  Exotic Limousine services for the transportation industry.  If you are in the market for a new  Executive Coach Build  we highly recommend you contact us first.  Whether you are looking to purchase New Exotic Stretch Limousine, Party Bus  or used Limousine , Party Bus we have a variety of ways we can guide you in the right direction.  Consultation is free!

 Used Limos For Sale and Party Buses  | Limo Repairs | Manufacturing 


 Used Limos For Sale and Party Buses  | Limo Repairs | Manufacturing